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We are all Ojai Strong Rebuilding after the Thomas fire

Ojai Strong Mission.

The mission of Ojaistrong.com is to grow the stories of courage and commitment that this village holds dear. Content on this site is shared from and for the people who have suffered a major set back by losing their homes, jobs and possibly their HOPE in the future.

Though many of us have been spared from tragic loss, we feel an obligation to promote recovery for those who have had their life in Ojai disrupted by the #thomasfire.  This site is a place to showcase the impact #thomasfire has had on our community by sharing stories so that that stay front and center and not lost in a feed or quickly forgotten because of the speed of our own lives.

Read the stories, see the images, buy the products, go to the events and share the word that our #ojaistrong commUNITY is a place that picks each other up and supports all of us to have called the Ojai valley HOME.

#OJAISTRONG Inspired Products Bringing Hope

We are Ojai Strong rebuilding after the thomas fire

100% of the profits from Ojai Pennant Sales are being donated to Ventura County Community Foundation, for Thomas Fire disaster relief. Collaboration with Oxford Pennant & our partners at Road Trip, Mustard Yellow felt with Dark Green felt trim. Hand silk-screened

9″x4″ (not including ties) ON ORDER, 2 WEEK SHIP TIME
Presented by Summer Camp

We are Ojai Strong rebuilding after the thomas fire

More than 100,000 acres of Southern California have been consumed by wildfires since the first week of December. Our small community of Ojai were directly affected by these fires. Through the strength and perseverance of the first responders many homes and properties were spared. But from here on out, we have a lot of rebuilding and healing to do.
All proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society of Ojai

Presented by Daren Thomas



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Donate to Help of Ojai

We are dedicated to helping Ojai residents rebuild their lives after the Thomas Fire. 100% of proceeds will go toward helping those who have lost their homes to pay for shelter, clothing, food, water and services. We are 100% volunteer, so 100% of your funds goes directly to those in need.


I've opened a lot of stores in my day but never in 2 days with no plan and thanks to all the generous locals, volunteers & staff at Help of Ojai it happened and we open tomorrow at 10-7 this Friday at Help of Ojai West Campus location 370 Baldwin Rd. Please share & spread the word it's open to anyone effected by the fire (lost a home, hasn't had work, locals who need support) Anyone who is needing food, clothes & household items to come by, It's free & for you. We are ready and here for you. We still need donations to keep this going and make sure we can help everyone in need. There's so many people out of work struggling right now. Let's keep them fed and able to pay rent. It's a real issue in Ojai right now without work for weeks. We DON'T need anymore used items. We are fully stocked thanks to everyone. We REALLY need food, toiletries, diapers, wipes, feminine items, laundry soap, cleaning items, pillows. The Fire Relief Store is OPEN at HELP’s West Campus, 370 Baldwin Road. Hours will be determined over time as needed and for Friday, Dec. 15 we are open 9-7, Saturday, Dec. 16, 10-4. People impacted by the fire and in need of clothing and basic household goods, please come and get what you need. There is NO charge. Spread the word. If you would like to volunteer at the “store”, feel free to sign up on the Help of Ojai website: https://www.volunteersignup.org/E3TWX or just show up! This Friday we still need volunteers for donation sorting too. Show up at 10. #ojai #ojaistrong #ventura #helpofojai #thomasfire

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Donate to Humane Society

The VC Humane Society has been taking care of animals from all over the county. They are currently spending $10,000 a day to feed animals and maintain facilities. The NUMBER ONE way you can help is by making a monetary donation through their website:


Real Stories / Still Need Our Help

Ojai Thomas Fire Gallery

All images found through Google Search – Not for commercial use or re-sale.



The Thomas Fire Recovery Network is a platform for sharing resources, offering help, and requesting services.

How to use:
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5. When post anything, try to tag the topic so it get’s sorted to the correct TOPIC section for long-term organization.
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7. If someone you know is in need and not computer savvy – we encourage you use this site to help share their information (with their approval of course ;-))

Thanks to fellow villagers : OjaiRelief.com

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